Thursday, July 28, 2011

It seems like it should be morning already.  Lately the maximum number of hours I've spent sleeping has been six.  Which must not be very good for your body.  I feel like hitting the sack, to coin the phrase.  So,

Me and my little brother, (the one who likes chickens), are cleaning out the shed, which is no easy task.  There are big holes in the wall, some as big as a sheet of paper.  It's a huge mess in there.  My little brother let his chickens run loose in the shed during the winter, so now there is hay and dried chicken poop stuck to the floor.  I had to scrape it all off with the shovel.  Fun.  Aren't brothers wonderful? 

Nothing very exciting happened today.  At our church we made aprons to sell at the Taste of Home convention they are going to be having on September 10th (I think that's right :)  If you are at the convention be sure to stop by our booth, we will have recipe holders, mens, womens, and children's aprons, potato bags, pot holders, and other fun cooking items.  I got to cut out the patterns for the aprons, since sewing is not my #1 quality.  :) 

That is about all that happened today.  Tomorrow me and my sister will be going to church to help cut out patterns again.  It's funner to help out at the mission building, but oh well. 

Don't worry, Be HAPPY! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today we were going shopping in Bemidji for summer clothes.  Yippee.  (not enthusiastic) 

Shopping with everyone is so annoying.  Everyone is either talking or complaining about how they don't want to go here, or they don't like this outfit, or it's too cold, or it's too hot.  Ugh.  Talk about a massive headache.  And I am not exaggerating.  The Duggars, who have 19 children must be insane, because no one in their right mind would want that many kids.  After living in a family of 8 I know for a fact that I never want to have kids. 

Anyways, I got to drive.  I now realize why parents hate to turn on the air conditioning in the car, because when you do after a few minutes they'll say, "Turn off the air conditioning, it's too cold."  And five minutes later, "Turn on the ac I'm sweating in here."  Destiny says, "Turn on the windows, I'm hot."  Then later she'll say, "Close the hot air."  Dad says that means shut up.  Obviously it does not. 

Well we got there safely anyways.  Which was no shock since I was driving.  :) 

We got Hope some stuff at JCpennys and I got a pair of pants and two pairs of shorts and three tops because my wardrobe is non-existent.  My sister Faith on the other hand has plenty of clothes.  Most of which she says she does not wear but doesn't want to part with because she made need them someday.  Yeah, when Susannah becomes another Albert Einstein. 

Mom got some stuff at Christopher & Banks, and while she was getting that we distracted the little ones with some ice cream at Dairy Queen.  We then proceeded to Joann Fabrics and then went to Claire's where Hope got a suffed animal key chain and I got some awesome glasses.  Isaac thinks they are creepy, and I have to admit I do look strange in them, but whatever, they are still awesome. 

We drove home and here I sit, bored out of my brain.  Why do people say that?  You can't be bored out of your brain.  Just like people say "easy as pie."  How is pie easy?  Could someone please explain this? 

 I did happen to see a dead raccoon on the road.  Poor thing.  In my sister's English class she had to read a book about a lady who would bury any dead animal she found on the road.  That seems a little strange, but I guess it's better than everyone running it over a million times or hitting a dumb crow who landed on the road to eat scraps of the body. 

"You hear me cluckin' big chicken."  My dad said.  I have no idea what he said before that, I wasn't paying much attention. 

"Oh yes, master chicken."  I replied. 

Another thing my dad says a lot, besides "you hear me cluckin' big chicken, is "You know, a guy could," whenever he is talking about something that he could do. 

Well, I am through writing for tonight, long for now! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wearing bare feet

My mom wanted me to plant some flowers on a hill that we have outside our back door.  The hill is right above our basement, and we usually walk on it, well, if we keep walking on it all the sand won't be on the hill anymore, so, the plan was to plant flowers on the hill so that everyone will go around the hill. 

Anyway, I started this project a few days ago, and I was planning on finishing it today.  One of my twin sisters was eager to help me in my garden, who right now is trying to stick a quarter in my ear.  I told her that she could take a handful of mulch and put it by the flowers, since that prevents weeds from growing by them.  Her hands are quite small, so if you say handful, it'll probably be a sprinkle. 

She was quiet and content for a little while, and then she looked up at me, then down at my clogs and asked me, "Are you wearing bare feet?" 

I laughed at that one.  "Yes.  I'm not wearing socks if that's what you mean."  I said. 

"I'm wearing bare feet too."  She said. 

After about four hours of continuous digging, it was finally complete.  It's only 81 degrees but it feels like 95.

My little brother, (the one who loves chickens), wants to have a chicken circus.  I don't know if anyone would pay to see it, but his chickens are sort of talented.  That is, if you consider jumping on a log for a bread crumb as "talented".  Fluffy jumps about five inches off the ground to get a bread crumb.  Call the Disney producers, we've got a movie on our hands.

My mom didn't want me to put any of my brothers and sisters names for security reasons, but she says it's o.k. now because writing this blog is a little confusing if you keep saying one of my little sisters or my little brother.  So, here is all of my brothers and sisters. 

Faith is 17.  Bethany (me) 15.  Susannah 13.  Samuel 11.  Isaac 9.  Hope 7.  Charity and Destiny (the twins) are 5. 

Faith is I guess what people would consider to be a "normal" 17 year old.  I have a different opinion, but that's probably just because I'm her sister. 

I like to garden, depending on how long it will take.  I also like to go swimming, peace and quiet, the solitude of my room, and watching my favorite shows on TV. 

Susannah is the science nerd in our family.  She just saw me writing that and kicked me.  She wants to get a goat.  We all want one.  Well, maybe not Faith.  Susannah likes astronomy, wants an ipad, and would love to go live in space.  Just kidding.  I made up that last part.  Well, actually I've never asked her before. 

Samuel loves playing war.  He always says he wants to go to war someday, in other words he wants to be in the army.  He and our neighbor, Jerry, love to look up how to make smoke bombs and stuff on the internet.  Samuel just got banned from the computer for a week though. 

Isaac....Isaac...Isaac.  Isaac is the funniest brother ever.  I love pulling Isaac out to the buoys at the park.  He is just hilarious.  He really enjoys it though, and since I've done that he'll swim out to the buoys with me whenever we go swimming.  I also helped him get over his fear of going underwater.  All I had to do was push him under when he wasn't wearing his life jacket.  He pulled my hair and called me an idiot, but it was worth it.  Now he loves going underwater, when you give him a warning anyways.  He is the brother who loves chickens.  He doesn't listen very well, unless it's something he wants to do.  But that's just how brothers are.  He also attempts to shoot squirrels, whenever he sees one he'll say, "Mom can I get the BB gun and go shoot that squirrel."  Usually that's a no. 

Hope likes to go swimming, play with her cat Mittens, going to the park, and doing crafts. 

Charity is the adventurous one.  She likes getting rides on horses, getting hyped up on sugar, and being crazy.  If you laugh at her when she says something cute, you might see flailing fists.  She is quite aggressive.  The picture below is Charity riding our mom's friend's horse. 

Destiny is the quieter one.  But she loves to sing and freaks out when she thinks someone is going to leave her.  When mom goes outside to water flowers or something Destiny will run after her crying, thinking that she's going to leave her.  She likes to cuddle with my cat, Michaelangelo, Charity does too.  They think that all three of us are sharing Michaelangelo.  I just go along with it. 

Today, Charity came in crying because she saw a big spider outside.  "A big spider?"  Mom asked. 
"Yeah.  A Hannah Montana spider.  Come see."  She said.  Charity never watches Hannah Montana, so I don't know where she got the idea that it was a Hannah Montana spider. 

We had homemade pizza tonight.  Which Susannah, the scientist, was supposed to make.  She mixed up the ingredients and the sauce so I don't know if it's safe to eat or not.  I tried some though.  It was pretty good. 

I have to do the dishes now, so I suppose I'll have to resign for the night. 

G'night everyone!  Susannah the scientist just asked me what G'night was, then she told me to move my glutus toxinus so she could get on the computer.  I don't know what that is, and I have a feeling I don't want to know. 

G'night.  Pronunciation (jee night)

I'm a little hyped up right now. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hit. Wham. Gross.

The title for this post was my brother's idea. 

I awoke to my older sister yelling at me to get up because the tornado alarm had gone off in town.  I moaned and rolled out of bed.  It was five in the morning. 

My mom gets paranoid easily, so just imagine what she's like in the basement with tornado sirens blowing in town.  I had gone to bed at 1:30, so getting woken up at 5:00 wasn't thrilling.  I only got three and a half hours of sleep. 

"Mom, can I go upstairs and get my laptop?"  My older sister asked. 

"No way!  What if the tornado came right while you were upstairs!"  Mom yelled. 

"It won't be your fault if I die mom."  My sister said. 

Finally my mom went upstairs to help the twins go to the bathroom, and while she was gone my little brother sneaked past "hawk eye" (mom) and grabbed my older sister's laptop.  At the same time, I grabbed some pop tarts because I was starving. 

Eventually the warning ended with no tornado.  Shocking.  That was worth getting up at 5:00 in the morning for. 

My little brother (the one who likes chickens) my dad and the neighbor boy just got home from fishing and my little brother caught a good size northern.  It was 2 ft. 4 in. long.  Which puts dad in second place for the biggest fish. 

My dad was going to just chop off it's head while it was still alive, but me and mom thought that was just cruel.  Mom suggested that he hit it on the head with a hammer, I'm really not sure which way is more humane.  What do you think?  Hammer or Knife? 

"I hereby sentence you Mr. Fish to the electric chair where you will be electrocuted until proven dead."  My dad said sarcastically. 

Wow.  I'm definitely adopted. 

In the end dad hit the poor fish over the head several times with the end of his knife, then proceeded to cut his throat.  Here is a picture of my little brother holding his northern head.  Yuck. 

After I was done taking these pictures (which are terrible, I know) my little brother started chasing me around the house with bloody fish gut was really gross, and he actually touched my arm, so I washed it really good with lots of soap...I'm not grossed out about fish guts...I mean, I can look at fish guts and be o.k., just so long as they don't touch me or anything on me, we're good. 

Well, mom is giving me the look which means "you'd better get in bed right now or the boy's dirty laundry is yours tomorrow.  Until tomorrow then. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We are not big chickens!

My dad always says, "You hear me cluckin' big chicken."  I know it sounds strange and is strange.  It also makes no sense.  We are not big chickens and we don't pay attention when he clucks....I guess we're too used to him clucking to even notice it. 

My flower garden is pretty big, so it takes a long time to water it.  So, usually I wait a few days before watering it...about when it starts to shrivel up a bit.  But this time I forgot to water it for 7 days, you'd think by that time half the flowers in my garden would be dead or ready to die, but surprisingly they were doing pretty well.  In fact, my clematis has four flowers on it, and they are very difficult to grow.  So maybe less water is good for them....then again, their rapid growth may have been due to the great amount of sunshine we have been getting over the past few days plus the high humidity. 

As I was saying, it takes a long time to water my garden.  But I never imagined it would take an hour.  1 whole hour spent with a hose in one hand and the sun on my back...but something good came out of it, I figured out that I don't sunburn easily. 

We got to go to our grandma and grandpa's house today.  When we walked in it felt like you were entering into a freezer, which is a drastic change from the oven outside.  It always feels good when you have sweat all over you and then you walk into a cool, air-conditioned sort of feels like you just went swimming.  

At our grandparents house we had cupcakes, ice cream, and a candy bar.  We visited with our aunts and uncle who had come to visit, and then left.  

I think fall is the least complaint season, because it's the perfect temperature.  In the winter it's too cold, in the summer it's too hot, but in fall it's perfect.  Spring can be too, but it can sometimes get to be hot like summer awfully fast.  I have heard lots of people say that they would love a 70 degree summer.  Keep on dreaming.  

Me, my mom, dad, older sister, younger sister, and brother, went on a vacation to the cities last year for my mom's birthday.  We were just leaving our hotel when I saw something.  It was a fox standing motionless in a vacant parking lot, staring at something in a bush.  My mom quickly grabbed the camera and took a few pictures of it.  We thought it was really weird seeing a fox in the cities.   

Since I have run out of wonderful things to write at the moment, I bid you farewell. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At the big top

We got 5 free tickets to the circus at our electric company, so we were planning on going.  We wanted to go to the 5:00 show, so we started grilling burgers, pork chops, and hot dogs at 4:05.  My little brother (the one who likes chickens) was the one who wanted hot dogs, it's one of the few things he knows how to cook.  His favorite thing to cook is fresh eggs. 

My older sister dropped some of the meat, but luckily we still had enough.  We all ate hurriedly, except for the twins, even if you told them they wouldn't get ice cream if they didn't finish in five minutes, they would still go two bites every minute.  And they take very small bites.   It's very annoying when you are trying to get out the door as fast as possible.

We finally made it out the door, into the car, and got on the road.  We got to our seats with two minutes to spare, but the show didn't start for about ten minutes.  It was a really good show.  The twins liked the dogs and the lady on the swing the best.  They probably could have caught a few flies in their mouths during her performance.  My brothers liked the juggling act and the Russian swing the best.  I don't really have a favorite.  One of my sisters wants to get birds now because a little girl in the act had trained birds. 

When we got home I popped in a movie for the twins, and as I was getting the volume adjusted my little brother swung his bubble gum out of his mouth and into my eye.  And I'm pretty sure that was no accident. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting rendition of The boy who couldn't stay focused.  I think that's an everyday program though. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

A hose and a story

Me and my little brother (the one who loves chickens), were told to water the garden that's at the top of our driveway.  The hose was having some technical difficulties and the water wouldn't come through it very well.  So, we got some buckets and watered it that way.  Our hose also has some cuts in it, so when you turn it on it sort of sprays in all directions, like a mini sprinkler.  My little brother picked it up and pointed it at me...and that's how it all began.  Eventually I got ahold of it and sprayed him right in the face.  "Oh it is on!"  My little brother said, water dripping off his eyelids.  You bet, I thought. 

Mom and the other kids came out to watch us get wild with the hose.  I was in control now.  Another good time for an evil laugh.  I sprayed mom and my little sister who were watching me and my little brother, then I came around the car and got the twins and my other brother wet.  It's always nice to be the one in control, especially when it involves getting your brothers drenched.  Mom wanted us to get inside because it was already 8:40 and almost time for bed. 

The twins, who were going to sleep in the living room because the upstairs is like thirty degrees warmer, wanted me to tell them a bedtime story, so I reluctantly complied. 

I started to tell them a story about a girl who lived in an igloo and went out to hunt for food to feed her grandma.  A quarter of the way through the story my little brother (the one who likes chickens) came to listen.  The twins just started laughing like it was some kind of joke that he was coming to listen to the story.  Finally we got them under control and I began to tell the story again.  My little brother started to act like he was the polar bear and I was the little girl trying to hunt him.  So, in character, I attacked him.  Mom wasn't very happy, but I pinned him down to the ground anyways.  Whenever I attack him, he immediately pulls on my hair, that seems to be his only defense mechanism.  By the time we got to the end of the story the girl had made friends with a polar bear, a bird, and a blue whale who all (minus the blue whale of course) came to the little girls house for a fiesta.  I will add that this was my little brother's idea.  The twins were in hysterics over something that I found hardly humerous at all.  They kept on putting their smelly feet in my face.  My little brother was hardly any better.  Then, to make matters worse, they all attacked me and starting kissing me, on the lips I might add!  Mom finally got them under control and they settled down, if that's even possible. 

Thus concludes another interesting day. 

Hot and Humid

Well, today is definitely a day for air conditioning.  Which unfortunately we do not have.  My mom heard that in order to stay properly hydrated, you had to drink two bottles of water every hour.  So we are trying to keep as cool indoors as we possibly can.  It's only 90 degrees here but it is supposed to fell like 110 because of the humidity.  My mom is lucky she doesn't work today. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pickled Fish Eyes

For once my dad woke up before anyone else on a Saturday.  He had to get up earlier because he, my little brother (the one who likes chickens), and one of dad's buddies were going fishing.  So they got up at 6:00 a.m. 

I got up at 6:30 a.m. to wake up my older sister because we had to leave at 7:00 for cabin cleaning. 

We got home at 2:30 and dad and my little brother were going to go fishing again.  Guys and fishing.  Well, at least we got a break from them for the majority of the day.  

We don't have air conditioning in our house, so we set up four fans in the living room.  I heard that Saturday there was 100% humidity outside.  Someone I talked to was wondering why we weren't breathing water. 

We watched a movie and mom and my older sister thought it was creepy, but it was really mild compared to some other movies.  It had this part in it where this dog cut the throat of the creature's neck.  And another part where they cut a person's neck.  I thought it was a pretty good movie.  The animation was choppy at some parts, but otherwise it was o.k. 

My older sister doesn't like bloody movies, and when I am watching a cop show or another show, she won't really watch them because they have quite a bit of blood in them. 

Sunday morning we went to church and afterward we were discussing where we should eat.  Dad said that we should just go home and eat the fish they had caught yesterday.  "Yeah.  We could have pickled fish eyes."  I joked.  Dad said that we would have to save a lot of eyes for that.  I think he was kidding, but I don't know.  I don't even know if people pickle fish eyes. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

The movie was a little weird.  It's hard to watch a movie with the whole family, especially when there are mosquitoes in the room.  We did that the other night, and throughout the beginning of the movie I had no idea what was going on because everyone was so loud.  Everyone was either commenting on how many mosquitoes were in the room or that someone was hogging their covers. 

My brainy sister actually need my help with something today....what's surprising is that she admitted it.  She reads science books a lot...I guess that's her thrill for the day.  She gets excited reading about astronomy.  I don't like science that much, except when I'm studying about the human body. 

My favorite subject is literature because I enjoy reading a lot, not romance books though. 

We are trying to eat healthier at our house, so my mom and I are making a weekly menu that includes meals and snacks.  That way, we can just bring the menu with us when we go grocery shopping so we only have to make one trip to the store, though usually we still make more than one trip. 

My sister needs to work on Girl Scouts so I have to give away the computer for awhile, or she might poison me with some toxic chemical.  Just Kidding....maybe. 
My mom is crazy.  She is now going to start doing summer school with us.  We are homeschooled and my brothers don't listen very well and have a hard time focusing on school work, so my mom wanted to get an early start this year.  We had ordered the schoolbooks already, and they arrived today.  The boys aren't too thrilled with the new books, but that's probably because they haven't really fully completed this year's work yet.  Ahh....brothers.  We rented a new movie and if the boys don't continue working on their school they can't watch it.  Since mom is leaving for work, I am the one who will determine whether they can or cannot watch the movie.  Here would be a good time for an evil chuckle. 

My younger brother wants me to say that he is the smartest kid on earth.  (hahahahaha:)  This same brother takes five hours to feed, water, and care for his chickens....coincidently on a school day.  On a Saturday, he takes five minutes.  His chickens are his best friends.  If you creep up to him when he's feeding them you might actually find him carrying on a conversation with them.  He really does sound like a rooster when he crows.  Mom is often fooled by that. 

My other brother likes to play war with paper guns and grenades he learned how to make online.  He also enjoys spraying us with water whenever we're outside. 

I have two eyelashes in my bubble gum, because one of my twin sisters decided to pop my bubble for me, which then ended up on my eye. 

My brothers aren't listening to me.  We are supposed to watch the movie at 5:00, but they are already popping it in to "watch the commercials" which ends up being more than that.  Whatever. 

Well...I guess I'll go watch the movie now...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

8 is great

I have 5 sisters and two brothers in my family who love to annoy me to death.  (or would like to anyway)
They always come into my room when I'm not there and leave their smelly crusty socks all over the floor and on my bed.
The annoying part about being in the room by the tv is that when you are in your bed, light off, you just get into that comfy spot, you start to drift off to sleep, and at that inappropriate time a loud noise comes through to your room, awakening you.  It happens to be the movie they're watching that just hit a loud part.   Then you have to get out of your warm bed, flick on the light, and go ask them to please turn the volume down.  Usually they just say that it isn't that loud and for me to just go to bed, but on occasion they might actually turn down the volume two notches. 

My mom always says "eight is great".  But I think she should have stopped at two.  (I'm the second oldest).  But no, my mom has always wanted at least six kids, because her grandma had six kids.  So, after six kids, mom wanted just one more, but instead we got two, twin sisters.   

I have to babysit a lot.  And my brothers can be real pains sometimes.  Mom usually puts me in charge because my older sister goes to work too. least mom didn't have 13 kids like my Grandma.  It could be worse if you look at it from that perspective. 

My younger twin sisters get a little crazy when they get ahold of sugar.  At the parade this year they practically got run over by a fire truck trying to get a tootsie roll that someone had failed to throw correctly.  Mom started to freak out.  Don't worry...she survived.