Thursday, July 14, 2011

8 is great

I have 5 sisters and two brothers in my family who love to annoy me to death.  (or would like to anyway)
They always come into my room when I'm not there and leave their smelly crusty socks all over the floor and on my bed.
The annoying part about being in the room by the tv is that when you are in your bed, light off, you just get into that comfy spot, you start to drift off to sleep, and at that inappropriate time a loud noise comes through to your room, awakening you.  It happens to be the movie they're watching that just hit a loud part.   Then you have to get out of your warm bed, flick on the light, and go ask them to please turn the volume down.  Usually they just say that it isn't that loud and for me to just go to bed, but on occasion they might actually turn down the volume two notches. 

My mom always says "eight is great".  But I think she should have stopped at two.  (I'm the second oldest).  But no, my mom has always wanted at least six kids, because her grandma had six kids.  So, after six kids, mom wanted just one more, but instead we got two, twin sisters.   

I have to babysit a lot.  And my brothers can be real pains sometimes.  Mom usually puts me in charge because my older sister goes to work too. least mom didn't have 13 kids like my Grandma.  It could be worse if you look at it from that perspective. 

My younger twin sisters get a little crazy when they get ahold of sugar.  At the parade this year they practically got run over by a fire truck trying to get a tootsie roll that someone had failed to throw correctly.  Mom started to freak out.  Don't worry...she survived. 

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