Monday, July 18, 2011

A hose and a story

Me and my little brother (the one who loves chickens), were told to water the garden that's at the top of our driveway.  The hose was having some technical difficulties and the water wouldn't come through it very well.  So, we got some buckets and watered it that way.  Our hose also has some cuts in it, so when you turn it on it sort of sprays in all directions, like a mini sprinkler.  My little brother picked it up and pointed it at me...and that's how it all began.  Eventually I got ahold of it and sprayed him right in the face.  "Oh it is on!"  My little brother said, water dripping off his eyelids.  You bet, I thought. 

Mom and the other kids came out to watch us get wild with the hose.  I was in control now.  Another good time for an evil laugh.  I sprayed mom and my little sister who were watching me and my little brother, then I came around the car and got the twins and my other brother wet.  It's always nice to be the one in control, especially when it involves getting your brothers drenched.  Mom wanted us to get inside because it was already 8:40 and almost time for bed. 

The twins, who were going to sleep in the living room because the upstairs is like thirty degrees warmer, wanted me to tell them a bedtime story, so I reluctantly complied. 

I started to tell them a story about a girl who lived in an igloo and went out to hunt for food to feed her grandma.  A quarter of the way through the story my little brother (the one who likes chickens) came to listen.  The twins just started laughing like it was some kind of joke that he was coming to listen to the story.  Finally we got them under control and I began to tell the story again.  My little brother started to act like he was the polar bear and I was the little girl trying to hunt him.  So, in character, I attacked him.  Mom wasn't very happy, but I pinned him down to the ground anyways.  Whenever I attack him, he immediately pulls on my hair, that seems to be his only defense mechanism.  By the time we got to the end of the story the girl had made friends with a polar bear, a bird, and a blue whale who all (minus the blue whale of course) came to the little girls house for a fiesta.  I will add that this was my little brother's idea.  The twins were in hysterics over something that I found hardly humerous at all.  They kept on putting their smelly feet in my face.  My little brother was hardly any better.  Then, to make matters worse, they all attacked me and starting kissing me, on the lips I might add!  Mom finally got them under control and they settled down, if that's even possible. 

Thus concludes another interesting day. 


  1. Great job "Behind the mask." very enjoyable. sounds like you had a lot of fun :)