Thursday, July 28, 2011

It seems like it should be morning already.  Lately the maximum number of hours I've spent sleeping has been six.  Which must not be very good for your body.  I feel like hitting the sack, to coin the phrase.  So,

Me and my little brother, (the one who likes chickens), are cleaning out the shed, which is no easy task.  There are big holes in the wall, some as big as a sheet of paper.  It's a huge mess in there.  My little brother let his chickens run loose in the shed during the winter, so now there is hay and dried chicken poop stuck to the floor.  I had to scrape it all off with the shovel.  Fun.  Aren't brothers wonderful? 

Nothing very exciting happened today.  At our church we made aprons to sell at the Taste of Home convention they are going to be having on September 10th (I think that's right :)  If you are at the convention be sure to stop by our booth, we will have recipe holders, mens, womens, and children's aprons, potato bags, pot holders, and other fun cooking items.  I got to cut out the patterns for the aprons, since sewing is not my #1 quality.  :) 

That is about all that happened today.  Tomorrow me and my sister will be going to church to help cut out patterns again.  It's funner to help out at the mission building, but oh well. 

Don't worry, Be HAPPY! 

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