Friday, July 15, 2011

The movie was a little weird.  It's hard to watch a movie with the whole family, especially when there are mosquitoes in the room.  We did that the other night, and throughout the beginning of the movie I had no idea what was going on because everyone was so loud.  Everyone was either commenting on how many mosquitoes were in the room or that someone was hogging their covers. 

My brainy sister actually need my help with something today....what's surprising is that she admitted it.  She reads science books a lot...I guess that's her thrill for the day.  She gets excited reading about astronomy.  I don't like science that much, except when I'm studying about the human body. 

My favorite subject is literature because I enjoy reading a lot, not romance books though. 

We are trying to eat healthier at our house, so my mom and I are making a weekly menu that includes meals and snacks.  That way, we can just bring the menu with us when we go grocery shopping so we only have to make one trip to the store, though usually we still make more than one trip. 

My sister needs to work on Girl Scouts so I have to give away the computer for awhile, or she might poison me with some toxic chemical.  Just Kidding....maybe. 

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