Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We are not big chickens!

My dad always says, "You hear me cluckin' big chicken."  I know it sounds strange and is strange.  It also makes no sense.  We are not big chickens and we don't pay attention when he clucks....I guess we're too used to him clucking to even notice it. 

My flower garden is pretty big, so it takes a long time to water it.  So, usually I wait a few days before watering it...about when it starts to shrivel up a bit.  But this time I forgot to water it for 7 days, you'd think by that time half the flowers in my garden would be dead or ready to die, but surprisingly they were doing pretty well.  In fact, my clematis has four flowers on it, and they are very difficult to grow.  So maybe less water is good for them....then again, their rapid growth may have been due to the great amount of sunshine we have been getting over the past few days plus the high humidity. 

As I was saying, it takes a long time to water my garden.  But I never imagined it would take an hour.  1 whole hour spent with a hose in one hand and the sun on my back...but something good came out of it, I figured out that I don't sunburn easily. 

We got to go to our grandma and grandpa's house today.  When we walked in it felt like you were entering into a freezer, which is a drastic change from the oven outside.  It always feels good when you have sweat all over you and then you walk into a cool, air-conditioned sort of feels like you just went swimming.  

At our grandparents house we had cupcakes, ice cream, and a candy bar.  We visited with our aunts and uncle who had come to visit, and then left.  

I think fall is the least complaint season, because it's the perfect temperature.  In the winter it's too cold, in the summer it's too hot, but in fall it's perfect.  Spring can be too, but it can sometimes get to be hot like summer awfully fast.  I have heard lots of people say that they would love a 70 degree summer.  Keep on dreaming.  

Me, my mom, dad, older sister, younger sister, and brother, went on a vacation to the cities last year for my mom's birthday.  We were just leaving our hotel when I saw something.  It was a fox standing motionless in a vacant parking lot, staring at something in a bush.  My mom quickly grabbed the camera and took a few pictures of it.  We thought it was really weird seeing a fox in the cities.   

Since I have run out of wonderful things to write at the moment, I bid you farewell. 

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