Friday, July 15, 2011

My mom is crazy.  She is now going to start doing summer school with us.  We are homeschooled and my brothers don't listen very well and have a hard time focusing on school work, so my mom wanted to get an early start this year.  We had ordered the schoolbooks already, and they arrived today.  The boys aren't too thrilled with the new books, but that's probably because they haven't really fully completed this year's work yet.  Ahh....brothers.  We rented a new movie and if the boys don't continue working on their school they can't watch it.  Since mom is leaving for work, I am the one who will determine whether they can or cannot watch the movie.  Here would be a good time for an evil chuckle. 

My younger brother wants me to say that he is the smartest kid on earth.  (hahahahaha:)  This same brother takes five hours to feed, water, and care for his chickens....coincidently on a school day.  On a Saturday, he takes five minutes.  His chickens are his best friends.  If you creep up to him when he's feeding them you might actually find him carrying on a conversation with them.  He really does sound like a rooster when he crows.  Mom is often fooled by that. 

My other brother likes to play war with paper guns and grenades he learned how to make online.  He also enjoys spraying us with water whenever we're outside. 

I have two eyelashes in my bubble gum, because one of my twin sisters decided to pop my bubble for me, which then ended up on my eye. 

My brothers aren't listening to me.  We are supposed to watch the movie at 5:00, but they are already popping it in to "watch the commercials" which ends up being more than that.  Whatever. 

Well...I guess I'll go watch the movie now...

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