Monday, July 25, 2011

Wearing bare feet

My mom wanted me to plant some flowers on a hill that we have outside our back door.  The hill is right above our basement, and we usually walk on it, well, if we keep walking on it all the sand won't be on the hill anymore, so, the plan was to plant flowers on the hill so that everyone will go around the hill. 

Anyway, I started this project a few days ago, and I was planning on finishing it today.  One of my twin sisters was eager to help me in my garden, who right now is trying to stick a quarter in my ear.  I told her that she could take a handful of mulch and put it by the flowers, since that prevents weeds from growing by them.  Her hands are quite small, so if you say handful, it'll probably be a sprinkle. 

She was quiet and content for a little while, and then she looked up at me, then down at my clogs and asked me, "Are you wearing bare feet?" 

I laughed at that one.  "Yes.  I'm not wearing socks if that's what you mean."  I said. 

"I'm wearing bare feet too."  She said. 

After about four hours of continuous digging, it was finally complete.  It's only 81 degrees but it feels like 95.

My little brother, (the one who loves chickens), wants to have a chicken circus.  I don't know if anyone would pay to see it, but his chickens are sort of talented.  That is, if you consider jumping on a log for a bread crumb as "talented".  Fluffy jumps about five inches off the ground to get a bread crumb.  Call the Disney producers, we've got a movie on our hands.

My mom didn't want me to put any of my brothers and sisters names for security reasons, but she says it's o.k. now because writing this blog is a little confusing if you keep saying one of my little sisters or my little brother.  So, here is all of my brothers and sisters. 

Faith is 17.  Bethany (me) 15.  Susannah 13.  Samuel 11.  Isaac 9.  Hope 7.  Charity and Destiny (the twins) are 5. 

Faith is I guess what people would consider to be a "normal" 17 year old.  I have a different opinion, but that's probably just because I'm her sister. 

I like to garden, depending on how long it will take.  I also like to go swimming, peace and quiet, the solitude of my room, and watching my favorite shows on TV. 

Susannah is the science nerd in our family.  She just saw me writing that and kicked me.  She wants to get a goat.  We all want one.  Well, maybe not Faith.  Susannah likes astronomy, wants an ipad, and would love to go live in space.  Just kidding.  I made up that last part.  Well, actually I've never asked her before. 

Samuel loves playing war.  He always says he wants to go to war someday, in other words he wants to be in the army.  He and our neighbor, Jerry, love to look up how to make smoke bombs and stuff on the internet.  Samuel just got banned from the computer for a week though. 

Isaac....Isaac...Isaac.  Isaac is the funniest brother ever.  I love pulling Isaac out to the buoys at the park.  He is just hilarious.  He really enjoys it though, and since I've done that he'll swim out to the buoys with me whenever we go swimming.  I also helped him get over his fear of going underwater.  All I had to do was push him under when he wasn't wearing his life jacket.  He pulled my hair and called me an idiot, but it was worth it.  Now he loves going underwater, when you give him a warning anyways.  He is the brother who loves chickens.  He doesn't listen very well, unless it's something he wants to do.  But that's just how brothers are.  He also attempts to shoot squirrels, whenever he sees one he'll say, "Mom can I get the BB gun and go shoot that squirrel."  Usually that's a no. 

Hope likes to go swimming, play with her cat Mittens, going to the park, and doing crafts. 

Charity is the adventurous one.  She likes getting rides on horses, getting hyped up on sugar, and being crazy.  If you laugh at her when she says something cute, you might see flailing fists.  She is quite aggressive.  The picture below is Charity riding our mom's friend's horse. 

Destiny is the quieter one.  But she loves to sing and freaks out when she thinks someone is going to leave her.  When mom goes outside to water flowers or something Destiny will run after her crying, thinking that she's going to leave her.  She likes to cuddle with my cat, Michaelangelo, Charity does too.  They think that all three of us are sharing Michaelangelo.  I just go along with it. 

Today, Charity came in crying because she saw a big spider outside.  "A big spider?"  Mom asked. 
"Yeah.  A Hannah Montana spider.  Come see."  She said.  Charity never watches Hannah Montana, so I don't know where she got the idea that it was a Hannah Montana spider. 

We had homemade pizza tonight.  Which Susannah, the scientist, was supposed to make.  She mixed up the ingredients and the sauce so I don't know if it's safe to eat or not.  I tried some though.  It was pretty good. 

I have to do the dishes now, so I suppose I'll have to resign for the night. 

G'night everyone!  Susannah the scientist just asked me what G'night was, then she told me to move my glutus toxinus so she could get on the computer.  I don't know what that is, and I have a feeling I don't want to know. 

G'night.  Pronunciation (jee night)

I'm a little hyped up right now. 

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