Monday, August 29, 2011


I have not been able to find the book that I was reading, and I was practically at the end of it.  Right at the suspenseful part I lost it. 

Whenever Charity wants to tell you something she turns your face toward her.  Yesterday she was telling me how only three people died, "Abraham Lincoln, that little girl (I have no idea who she was referring to), and Grandma." 

It has been quite boring around here lately.  It doesn't seem like it's been a week since we got back from vacation.  I still have failed to unpack my bag.  I am always late doing that. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

More vacation in D.C.

We went to a Mcdonald's which was like a small food stand on wheels and there were a ton of birds outside who loved french fries.  Destiny threw one up in the air and the bird actually caught it in the air.  It was pretty cool. 

There were two squirrels who also loved the greasy french fries, they would walk up to you and eat it out of your hand.  I got a couple pictures which I will post later since they aren't on this computer.  We think we saw the same squirrel later on, tailing us as we were walking down the street.  He is a very plump squirrel. 

We have tried three times to go up to the top of the Washington Monument but have never succeeded.  Twice it was because of rain and lightning, and this morning we were late....and we left an hour early.  I guess it just isn't meant to be. 

We went to the ocean today.  We drove for three hours with three bathroom breaks and then made it to Bethany Beach.  They didn't have a bathroom near the beach so we had to load up again and haul everyone to the nearest gas station where we changed into our swimsuits.  Then we were off to play in the water. 

The waves looked mild...and I stress me and Samuel just jumped right in.  My second wave I was under the water.  Ocean water is disgusting.  It also gives you a sore throat.  We learned to jump when there was a big wave and then we didn't get salt water in our mouths.  We "swam", (I don't know if you'd consider jumping over waves as swimming or not), for about an hour and then got back in the car to go to another beach because Bethany Beach didn't have shells on land. 

We drove for another half hour to another beach which luckily had shells.  We walked the beach roaming for shells until it was almost dark and then we headed back to the hotel. 

The time is really 11:37, because there's an hour time difference here. 

On the way to our hotel we heard sirens behind us, and I was a bit worried that the police car was after us, we pulled over and he passed.

I am a bit tired right now, so I bid you good-night. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Vacation in D.C.

We left on Sunday and spent the night in a hotel in the cities.  Then next morning at 4:00 a.m. we got on a shuttle bus to go to the airport.  We  arrived at 4:30.  We got through security and we got on the plane around 5:05 a.m. 

Me and Faith got seats together, but we didn't have a good view.  All we could see was the engine. 

We had a 4 hour waiting period between flights, it was pretty boring.  Me and dad watched two episodes of criminal minds and then we just walked around until we took off again. 

I got the window seat again, and we actually had a good view this time.  Even with gum my ears still popped a little. 

We got to our rental car (a twelve passenger van) and drove to our hotel.  We ate supper at Ihop, since we hadn't even had lunch yet.  Then, we went swimming in the pool. 

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel.  We drove around for awhile until we found a parking lot.  We paid the 12 dollars and started walking.  We walked for a long time until we saw the Washington Monument.  We didn't go up but continued walking.  We went to the World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial and the Korean War Memorial and the Capital before going back to our hotel. 

The next day we went to the Smithsonian National Zoo.  Everyone liked the mister they had around the zoo.  It was like a mist shower.  We went back to the hotel, swimming, and then bed. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

More life

It's hard to imagine what my brothers will look like when they get older.  It's also hard to imagine what jobs they will get.  Isaac will probably be a chicken farmer.  He is obsessed with them. 

Today I worked at the church garage sale.  All of the money goes to missions though.  We give food to people in Israel and give goats to people in other countries who don't have money so they can sell the milk and cheese. 

They have like five calculators and only three work. 

"Why do you turn it off when it's solar-powered?  So you don't waste the sun?"  I asked Susanah, who was also working the mission building with me. 

A guy came in today and he said that he needed a safety pin because his button for his pants had fallen off and the only thing keeping them up was his hand.  I found one for him and he was very grateful.  It was quite funny though. 

Right now the twins are begging me to give them a bath.  "No."  In return, Charity punched me a few times.  But that's what you get from her.  She also punched me while I was talking to dad.  Turns out she had been asking me to get her a glass but I hadn't heard her so she just started punching me in the back.  She can be very aggressive at times. 

Isaac is shooting beads at me.  When I say shooting I mean spitting them out of a paper tube, which is kind of gross.  Will brothers never learn?  "Isaac!"  He left me alone after that. 

Dad sometimes says that if I do something for him he'll raise my babysitting salary 10%, then he'll say, "Oh, wait a minute, ten percent of nothing is nothing!"  How annoying. 

Only one more day until we go on our trip to Washington D.C.  I am excited!  I have never flown on an airplane before, but we are packing lots of bubble gum so our ears don't pop. 

Never fear....Bethany is here!...tomorrow. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yesterday morning Susannah awoke to a mouse crawling up her leg.  It crawled up her leg and into her pants.  She was pretty startled. 

No sign of the bat. 

"Turn the heater off I'm froze."  Charity says.  She's talking about turning the air conditioning off.  "Then I'll get dots all over me."  (because she's cold) 

Today we went to Bemidji to get Susannah a new swimsuit, Destiny some new shoes, and everyone needed socks. 

I absolutely hate shopping with everyone for long periods of time.  I don't have the patience, especially when no one ever listens to me. 

The car ride was lunacy.  Isaac on one side of me and Susannah on the other.  I knew I would probably have a headache before we even reached our destination point. 

Isaac has a thing about licking me.  In fact, he was acting strange one time and I starting guessing what kind of animal he would be if he were an animal.  I started rambling off names of animals and reached llama.  Isaac started literally licking my arms.  Yes, he is a strange child.  He chased me all over the house, threatening me with his tongue.  Disgusting. 

There was a similar occurence in the car today, only this time he licked his finger and then made contact with my arm.  Mom finally yelled at him to stop. 

"There's a beaver dam."  I said. 

"I already say that."  Isaac said. 

"Yeah, but you didn't say it."  I counterattacked. 

"Well, I didn't want to swear."  He said.  Brothers, brothers, brothers. 

We finally arrived at the mall.  Got the majority of our shopping done and then ate ice cream.  Susannah still needed a swimsuit.  We finally found everyone what they needed and headed back towards home. 

The twins got dog purses to use as their carry-on bag at the airport.  We skipped lunch that day and just snacked on crackers and fruit snacks.  We are now eating leftover chili.  Yum. 

Until we meet again. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bat

Last night a bat got into our house.  Susannah was just going into her room upstairs when a bat flew at her head.  It also swooped towards mom's head.  Susannah went downstairs and got dad. 

I was in my room reading a book at the time, but I heard Susannah say that there was a bat in the house, so I decided to investigate. 

Dad got a broom and went upstairs to find the bat.  I followed with the camera in case I saw the bat.  Unfortunately we didn't see the bat. 

Since there was a bat running around upstairs, mom wanted Susannah to sleep in my room.  Ugh.  Susannah is a chatterbox at night.  You can turn off the light, say good-night, and she will still be talking about nothing. 

"...and marshmallows remind me of a campfire and a campfire reminds me of..."  She rambled on like that for ten minutes or more, until dad said that she could watch a show with him.  Thank goodness. 

I had to help the twins shower this morning.  They panic if a drop of water gets in their eyes.  They start yelling that I got water in their eyes and then tell me to get them a towel.  By the time they are ready to dry off the towel is already half wet. 

Today we are packing for our trip to Washington D.C.  We are packing a week in advance because we would probably be late if we didn't. 

Hope had some pens and pencils in her hands that she was putting away.  She grabbed a red crayon and tested it on the wall to see if it worked. 

"Hope!"  I yelled as she made a red streak along the wall. 

"What?  I didn't know it was a crayon."  She said.  Yeah right. 

We are still packing and cleaning.  Mom said I only had five minutes to write, and I think the time limit is up. 

Until next time. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Crazy Days

Yesterday I got to arrest my little brother Isaac.  For VBS the little kids are learning about the underground church and how the people would leave clues about where their next meeting place would be.  So I made a scavenger hunt for them, and while they were having their meeting us older kids barged in on them and handcuffed two of them.  I got Isaac.  Grandpa was the other victim.  He had no idea that we were going to do that.  Isaac, of course, knew that there was a latch on the side that would free him, so he wasn't caught for long. 

I hate sewing.  Pricking myself with a needle every time I pin down a pattern is not my idea of fun.  But they "need me" as mom and grandma say.  Luckily I don't have to sew.  I just have to cut out the patterns, which is relatively easy. 

I am currently watching the little kids as mom, Faith, Susannah, and Samuel head to the orthodontist to have their teeth examined or something.  Faith has had braces for two and a half years, or maybe it's three.  She was hoping to get them off in time for her seventeenth birthday, but no such luck. 

Isaac is hanging paper chains on our chandeliers. 

"Did you feed your chickens?"  I question him. 

"No.  I never feed them at breakfast, I always feed them at lunch.  Always have, always will." 

Yeah.  Unless we have school in the morning.  Then he is up and adam, out the door with chicken feed in his hand for the next hour and a half when mom realizes that it doesn't take an hour and a half to get them fresh water and food. 

I just saw a hummingbird.  I ran to get the camera whose batteries were "exhausted", ran to get more, shoved them into the camera and ran to the window again.  The hummingbird was gone.  How predictable.  

Isaac threw up in our van on Monday.  Watermelon chunks from snack at VBS.  He still has to clean that up.  We went to the Coborn's picnic thing and I had to sit in the backseat where the hurling took place.  At the scene of the crime we still see a huge pink blob on the floor.  Where my feet were.  I didn't notice that I was stepping in it until Isaac bluntly said, "You're shoe is in my puke."  Thanks for telling me now.  Yuck.  The smell was so bad that I thought I might throw up. 

"Don't say anything about chunks."  I said. 

"Chunk a Chunk of burning love."  Samuel sang. 

I should have known better. 

Two red-headed woodpeckers just landed on a tree outside the window.  I grabbed the camera and it still said the batteries were exhausted.  I quickly put new batteries inside the camera and ran back to the window.  They two were gone.  Two great pictures, gone.  Disappointing is an understatement. 

Well I have to rotate laundry now.  I hope those birds come back.  :) 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Grandpa's Birthday

At about 7:23 p.m. we went to grandma and grandpa's house to celebrate grandpa's birthday.  We had cake and ice cream, played some bingo and then went home. 

It seems to be a new tradition that every time we go to grandma's house we play bingo.  That's probably because we get quarters if we win.  :)  It's pretty fun. 
Hope slammed her finger in the door at our grandparents house and started crying like crazy.  She finally calmed down a little when grandma got a band-aid on her finger.  She got an ice pac for it too. 

The other day Isaac licked his finger when he had just gone into the chicken coop and washed out the chickens dirty water dishes.  "Gross."  I said to him. 

"Well..."  He started to lecture like a college professor.  (that rhymes:)  "Some people believe that we are related to apes, who are related to monkeys, who are related to every other kind of animal, who are related to dogs whose tongue is the cleanest part of their body, so...I guess my tongue is the cleanest part of my body."  Brothers. 

"But we didn't evolve from apes Isaac."  I said.  "So your tongue isn't the cleanest part of your body." 

Charity keeps on saying a line from the movie the Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 "Don't look back but someone shaved your hiny."  Then she laughs for about five minutes. 

Isaac and I are almost done cleaning the shed.  We are going to paint it too. 

Now I can see why some people haven't written a new post in months...motivation is lacking. 

Well that is all.