Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bat

Last night a bat got into our house.  Susannah was just going into her room upstairs when a bat flew at her head.  It also swooped towards mom's head.  Susannah went downstairs and got dad. 

I was in my room reading a book at the time, but I heard Susannah say that there was a bat in the house, so I decided to investigate. 

Dad got a broom and went upstairs to find the bat.  I followed with the camera in case I saw the bat.  Unfortunately we didn't see the bat. 

Since there was a bat running around upstairs, mom wanted Susannah to sleep in my room.  Ugh.  Susannah is a chatterbox at night.  You can turn off the light, say good-night, and she will still be talking about nothing. 

"...and marshmallows remind me of a campfire and a campfire reminds me of..."  She rambled on like that for ten minutes or more, until dad said that she could watch a show with him.  Thank goodness. 

I had to help the twins shower this morning.  They panic if a drop of water gets in their eyes.  They start yelling that I got water in their eyes and then tell me to get them a towel.  By the time they are ready to dry off the towel is already half wet. 

Today we are packing for our trip to Washington D.C.  We are packing a week in advance because we would probably be late if we didn't. 

Hope had some pens and pencils in her hands that she was putting away.  She grabbed a red crayon and tested it on the wall to see if it worked. 

"Hope!"  I yelled as she made a red streak along the wall. 

"What?  I didn't know it was a crayon."  She said.  Yeah right. 

We are still packing and cleaning.  Mom said I only had five minutes to write, and I think the time limit is up. 

Until next time. 

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