Friday, August 5, 2011

Crazy Days

Yesterday I got to arrest my little brother Isaac.  For VBS the little kids are learning about the underground church and how the people would leave clues about where their next meeting place would be.  So I made a scavenger hunt for them, and while they were having their meeting us older kids barged in on them and handcuffed two of them.  I got Isaac.  Grandpa was the other victim.  He had no idea that we were going to do that.  Isaac, of course, knew that there was a latch on the side that would free him, so he wasn't caught for long. 

I hate sewing.  Pricking myself with a needle every time I pin down a pattern is not my idea of fun.  But they "need me" as mom and grandma say.  Luckily I don't have to sew.  I just have to cut out the patterns, which is relatively easy. 

I am currently watching the little kids as mom, Faith, Susannah, and Samuel head to the orthodontist to have their teeth examined or something.  Faith has had braces for two and a half years, or maybe it's three.  She was hoping to get them off in time for her seventeenth birthday, but no such luck. 

Isaac is hanging paper chains on our chandeliers. 

"Did you feed your chickens?"  I question him. 

"No.  I never feed them at breakfast, I always feed them at lunch.  Always have, always will." 

Yeah.  Unless we have school in the morning.  Then he is up and adam, out the door with chicken feed in his hand for the next hour and a half when mom realizes that it doesn't take an hour and a half to get them fresh water and food. 

I just saw a hummingbird.  I ran to get the camera whose batteries were "exhausted", ran to get more, shoved them into the camera and ran to the window again.  The hummingbird was gone.  How predictable.  

Isaac threw up in our van on Monday.  Watermelon chunks from snack at VBS.  He still has to clean that up.  We went to the Coborn's picnic thing and I had to sit in the backseat where the hurling took place.  At the scene of the crime we still see a huge pink blob on the floor.  Where my feet were.  I didn't notice that I was stepping in it until Isaac bluntly said, "You're shoe is in my puke."  Thanks for telling me now.  Yuck.  The smell was so bad that I thought I might throw up. 

"Don't say anything about chunks."  I said. 

"Chunk a Chunk of burning love."  Samuel sang. 

I should have known better. 

Two red-headed woodpeckers just landed on a tree outside the window.  I grabbed the camera and it still said the batteries were exhausted.  I quickly put new batteries inside the camera and ran back to the window.  They two were gone.  Two great pictures, gone.  Disappointing is an understatement. 

Well I have to rotate laundry now.  I hope those birds come back.  :) 


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  2. Hope you have a great week too! Thanks! :)