Friday, August 12, 2011

More life

It's hard to imagine what my brothers will look like when they get older.  It's also hard to imagine what jobs they will get.  Isaac will probably be a chicken farmer.  He is obsessed with them. 

Today I worked at the church garage sale.  All of the money goes to missions though.  We give food to people in Israel and give goats to people in other countries who don't have money so they can sell the milk and cheese. 

They have like five calculators and only three work. 

"Why do you turn it off when it's solar-powered?  So you don't waste the sun?"  I asked Susanah, who was also working the mission building with me. 

A guy came in today and he said that he needed a safety pin because his button for his pants had fallen off and the only thing keeping them up was his hand.  I found one for him and he was very grateful.  It was quite funny though. 

Right now the twins are begging me to give them a bath.  "No."  In return, Charity punched me a few times.  But that's what you get from her.  She also punched me while I was talking to dad.  Turns out she had been asking me to get her a glass but I hadn't heard her so she just started punching me in the back.  She can be very aggressive at times. 

Isaac is shooting beads at me.  When I say shooting I mean spitting them out of a paper tube, which is kind of gross.  Will brothers never learn?  "Isaac!"  He left me alone after that. 

Dad sometimes says that if I do something for him he'll raise my babysitting salary 10%, then he'll say, "Oh, wait a minute, ten percent of nothing is nothing!"  How annoying. 

Only one more day until we go on our trip to Washington D.C.  I am excited!  I have never flown on an airplane before, but we are packing lots of bubble gum so our ears don't pop. 

Never fear....Bethany is here!...tomorrow. 

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