Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yesterday morning Susannah awoke to a mouse crawling up her leg.  It crawled up her leg and into her pants.  She was pretty startled. 

No sign of the bat. 

"Turn the heater off I'm froze."  Charity says.  She's talking about turning the air conditioning off.  "Then I'll get dots all over me."  (because she's cold) 

Today we went to Bemidji to get Susannah a new swimsuit, Destiny some new shoes, and everyone needed socks. 

I absolutely hate shopping with everyone for long periods of time.  I don't have the patience, especially when no one ever listens to me. 

The car ride was lunacy.  Isaac on one side of me and Susannah on the other.  I knew I would probably have a headache before we even reached our destination point. 

Isaac has a thing about licking me.  In fact, he was acting strange one time and I starting guessing what kind of animal he would be if he were an animal.  I started rambling off names of animals and reached llama.  Isaac started literally licking my arms.  Yes, he is a strange child.  He chased me all over the house, threatening me with his tongue.  Disgusting. 

There was a similar occurence in the car today, only this time he licked his finger and then made contact with my arm.  Mom finally yelled at him to stop. 

"There's a beaver dam."  I said. 

"I already say that."  Isaac said. 

"Yeah, but you didn't say it."  I counterattacked. 

"Well, I didn't want to swear."  He said.  Brothers, brothers, brothers. 

We finally arrived at the mall.  Got the majority of our shopping done and then ate ice cream.  Susannah still needed a swimsuit.  We finally found everyone what they needed and headed back towards home. 

The twins got dog purses to use as their carry-on bag at the airport.  We skipped lunch that day and just snacked on crackers and fruit snacks.  We are now eating leftover chili.  Yum. 

Until we meet again. 


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