Thursday, September 8, 2011

1st day of school

Boo!!!!  The first day of school was actually on Tuesday, but I am late recording the details of it so here you go. 

Well I officially hate Algebra is the most boring thing in the world.  Two pages took me an hour and a half.  I stink at math. 

Isaac has already started his ritual of going outside for two hours instead of doing school. 

We recently got a play station 2 so Susannah went downstairs and started playing it when she was supposed to be doing her school.  I texted mom and told her that Susannah was playing on the play station to "improve her hand and eye coordination skills".  Mom wasn't too happy about that and grounded Susannah from it.  Isaac and Samuel also made the same mistake. 

We had a campfire outside to commemorate the first day of school.  Isaac yelled at Charity because she dropped his hot dog because the hot hot dog burned her finger.  Memories...sweet memories. 

Isaac found a walking stick outside and brought it in to show us.  Little did he know that there was more than one.  He set the bug free and felt this strange tickling sensation in his pants.  He shouted to mom that he thought there was one crawling up his pants and went into the bathroom to investigate.  Sure enough, right by the inside of his pocket was a large green walking stick.  He had a little case of the creepie crawlies after that.  We set his pants outside so the walking stick could go free without us having to touch him.  I of course wanted to get a picture, and here are some pictures of the walking stick and some flowers I took pictures of. 


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  1. Stumbled upon the blog. Nice pics. The wilting flowers are extremely interesting as it isn't something you normally see.